Purple City Genetics

As the Vanguard of Cannabis Genetics
in California for over ten years,
Purple City Genetics is honored
to offer our vast archive to the World.

The vanguard of California Genetics

Purple City Genetics (PCG) works at the vanguard of California  as a unique collective of cannabis archivists, breeders and cultivators. Our lasting commitment to the heritage of the plant is flourishing alongside a cultural revolution that is bringing cannabis into the light across borders and cultures. From Barcelona, in 2020 PCG joins the european community, sharing our unique experience and passion for the plant.

Find the unique PCG 2019, PCG INT. 2020 and El Krem seeds in our shops, and have a look on the brand new merchandise collections.

Purple City Genetics International

Purple City Genetics is proud to bring the best of California experience to Spain and Europe making our 2020 seed catalogue available to you. Our collection captures the creativity and vibrancy of California growing scene. You will find a great selection of our favorite phenotypes with exceptional terpene profiles, ease of growth and epic bag appeal. PCG envisions our seeds spreading across Europe, creating the synergies and within the next generation of Spanish and European growers and cultivators.

Find the PCG INT. 2020 selection and PCG Oakland’s best of 2019 lines here.

El Krem: Premium genetics bred exclusively for hash

El Krem is our premier genetics collection. Breed exclusively for hash making purpose. Their heritage comes from the best genetics lines possible and it is bred with a deep admiration for trichome farmers and hash makers worldwide. These genetics have been selected for their exceptional trichome quality and density, terpene durability, and the high yields they give in the extraction process. El Krem makes farmers more successful in their fields, and extractors more successful in their labs.

Bred for trichome quality and density, terpene durability, and high yield in extraction. Get El Krem seeds from our shop.

Grown with Care and Respect

Purple City Genetics is an award-winning collective known for producing unique cannabis phenotypes mostly bred for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production. We are extremely serious about organic and pesticide free production. Our principle since 2008 have been a very simple one: get the best strains to obtain the highest quality plants.