Seed selectors with care and respect

In July 2007, PCG turned on our first lights in a warehouse on 98th and International in East Oakland. We joined a movement that was going to change the world.

Today Purple City Genetics is an award-winning collective known for its research to find unique cannabis phenotypes. We select for potency and superior terpene profiles. We are extremely serious about organic and pesticide-free seeds.

PCG embodies Oakland’s cannabis culture and plays an integral part in its constant regeneration. Up north farmers, business-minded warehouse entrepreneurs — the young California cannabis culture — all gravitated towards PCG.

In its evolution, PCG has expanded from its Oakland origins into a global community: working with generations of growers, preservationists, breeders, extractors, and farmers, to bring about a broader appreciation for cannabis genetics.

Find the unique PCG 2019, PCG INT., and El Krem collection seeds in our shop, or have a look at the brand new merchandise collection.